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Resolute Forest launches NAFTA challenge over Nova Scotia paper mill

Resolute Forest, formerly known as AbitibiBowater, launches its second NAFTA Chapter 11 ISDS challenge within five years against Canada. This time they claim $97 million against Nova Scotia for helping restart a Port Hawkesbury paper mill supporting 14 …

Human rights groups ask UN to protect Colombia’s Santurban Paramo from mining

Canadian company Eco Oro Minerals to file lawsuit under #ISDS against Columbia for protecting wetland from large-scale mining activities.

Peak Debt Part 2: Auto & Student Loans

Part 2 of the peak debt series digs into the auto and student loans component of household debts.

March 19, 2016
In-depth topic: Peak debt
Finance & Economy

The Oil Short Squeeze Explained: Why Banks Are Aggressively Propping Up Energy Stocks

Distressed shale oil and gas companies are taking advantage of the recent oil price short squeeze to raise capital with the help of the investment banks. The catch? The money raised is to pay back the bank loans owned by the same banks before another w …

March 19, 2016
In-depth topic: Tight oil Shale gas

Nicole Foss: Community Resilience in a Century of Challenges

Nicole Foss, co-editor of Automatic Earth, outlines eloquently in this video the dynamics when the economy shifts from an expanding to a contracting phase. The key message is that as the economy becomes contracting and depressive, many institutions and …

March 19, 2016
In-depth topic: Local resiliency
Finance & Economy

Organizations Against ISDS

There is a ground-swell of opposition to ISDS trojaned in investment treaties such as TPP, TTIP, CETA and TiSA. Check out this list.

ISDS Cases

A living collection of lawsuits filed under the Investor-State Dispute Settlement provisions of various bilateral and multilateral trade agreements.

How can Philip Morris sue Uruguay over its tobacco laws?

Alfred de Zayas, the UN’s Independent Expert on the promotion of democratic and equitable international order, made this assessment on ISDS: “The ISDS cannot be reformed. It must be abolished because it undermines fundamental principles of the UN, stat …

Peak Debt Part 1: Household Debt

Part 1 of the peak debt outlines the logic for this phenomenon and examines one of the debt components – household debt starting with mortgage debt.

February 27, 2016
In-depth topic: Peak debt
Finance & Economy

EU Switches TTIP ISDS Poison with Different Label

Faced with a record and overwhelmingly negative response over ISDS, the EU attempts a relabeling exercise by introducing ICS which embodies pretty much the same ills as those in ISDS.