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The Future of Driverless Cars

Google’s first driverless car report offers interesting insights into the rapidly evolving technology trend of autonomous vehicles. The future of robo cars, however, is already here.

June 11, 2015
In-depth topic: Automation

No Money Down – the Allure and Dangers Of Municipal Development Projects

Lured by no-money-down and an immediate boost in property tax revenue, a city often approves development projects which end up with negative returns down the road. This concept only becomes obvious after digging into the income and expenses over a lifecycle of a project.

May 25, 2015
In-depth topic: Urban planning
Urban development

U.S. Shale Gas Production Outlook Update

After raining on the EIA’s Monterey shale oil parade resulting in the department’s subsequent jaw dropping 96% sobering haircut of the formation’s oil reserve, David Hughes, in Drilling Deeper and its latest updates, further challenges the EIA’s tight oil and shale gas production predictions.

May 11, 2015
In-depth topic: Tight oil Shale gas

Austria to Enact Bail-in Rules

Austria will enact bail-in rules in July. Bank deposits will no longer be guaranteed.

May 1, 2015
In-depth topic: Bank bail-in
Finance & Economy

Insane Policy Driving Stupid Money to Fuel Tight Oil Boom

The repressive interest rate policy of the Fed drove stupid money into the tight oil industry, the commercial viability of which is at best questionable at the price of oil much higher than the current level.

April 29, 2015
In-depth topic: Tight oil Shale gas

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Death of the Republic

Ellen Brown outlines how a country abdicates its judicial function to corporate lawyers and its legislative function to multinational corporations under the TPP ISDS.

Solar Eclipse Stress Test to European Power Grids

A recent 2.5-hour solar eclipse over Europe had the equivalent effect of shutting down a medium size power plant every minute for a full hour and turning them back on at the same rate, resulting in a major stress test to the continent’s power grids.

April 19, 2015
In-depth topic: Renewable energy

The Monetary Reform: Part 3 – Sovereign Money Proposal

The possible outcomes to the monetary end game and the subsequent reset range from tolerably painful to devastating hardship and chaos. Part 3 of this series examines one which sits on the hit-me-gently end of possible monetary reset scenarios championed by a most unexpected tiny island nation of Iceland.

April 15, 2015
In-depth topic: Monetary reset
Finance & Economy

The Monetary Reform: Part 2 – Looking At the Root Causes

A recent report commissioned by the prime minister of Iceland lays bare in laymans’ terms the root causes of the 2008 collapse of the country’s banking system, the same set of core problems which permeate the rest of the monetary and banking systems of the world.

April 12, 2015
In-depth topic: Monetary reset
Finance & Economy

Primer on the Widely Misunderstood Money Creation Mechanism

Forget about what you have been taught in economics classes on how money is created. This is how it really works in real life.

April 11, 2015
In-depth topic: Monetary reset
Finance & Economy, Primers