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Monetary Reform: Part 1 – Iceland Eyes Master Reset Button

After a near death experience of its banking industry during the 2008 global financial meltdown, Iceland looks hard at the root causes of the crisis and contemplates the reset button to its monetary system, a system which shares the same characteristics and ills with the ones used by all major economies.

April 6, 2015
In-depth topic: Monetary reset
Finance & Economy

Vision Zero 2.0 – the Streets of Stockholm

The capital of Sweden, which pioneered the concept of Vision Zero, an ambitious goal of having zero traffic fatalities, Stockholm has made much progress in transforming itself into a more walk-able and bike-able city with stimulating public places, as illustrated by this Streetfilms short film.

March 25, 2015
In-depth topic: Urban planning
Urban development

Years, Not Decades For Shale Oil & Gas

Geological consultant and expert in petroleum exploration and production explains in this video why the US has years, not decades of shale oil and natural gas, why the current price slump and where the industry is heading.

March 17, 2015
In-depth topic: Tight oil Shale gas

Draghi and the Chocolate Factory

With the latest central-bank-gone-mad printfest otherwise known as quantitative easing from the European Central Bank, the financial world is firmly in the twilight zone. The extend and pretend strategy is pretty much on its last legs, and the monetary end game is now in sight.

March 16, 2015
In-depth topic: Monetary reset
Finance & Economy

Solar Energy Poised To Hit Mass Adoption Phase

With the twin benefits of cost reduction and technology improvements, solar energy has achieved grid parity in many global markets. The next few years will witness worldwide mass adoption of this renewable energy.

March 14, 2015
In-depth topic: Renewable energy

ExxonMobil’s NAFTA win over oil R&D called ‘corporate bullying’

Newfoundland/Canada sued by ExxonMobil under NATFA ISDS for asking for R&D money to be spent locally, and lo

Choose Your Broker Wisely – A Lesson from MF Global

What happened to MF Global clients’ money when it famously ‘vaporized’ in the wake of its $40 billion bankruptcy three years ago? As it turns out, it depends on which country you live in – a first person account and lessons learned.

March 6, 2015
Finance & Economy

A Primer on Re-hypothecation

Hypothecation happens when a borrower pledges collateral to secure a debt. Even though the borrower retains ownership of the collateral, the lender has a right to seize said collateral should the borrower default. This way, the creditor ‘hypothetically …

March 6, 2015
In-depth topic: Monetary reset
Finance & Economy, Primers

The Trans-Pacific Partnership clause everyone should oppose

Elizabeth Warren, one of the few US senators not captured by monied interests, speaks out against the TPP ISDS in this WaPo op-ed.