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India Seeks To Renegotiate 47 Investment Treaties Because Of Their Corporate Sovereignty Clauses

Following the footsteps of South Africa and Bolivia, India is the next country trying to re-negotiate or cancel a large number of treaties with ISDS provisions.

The Case For A Super Glass-Steagall

The time of re-introducing Glass-Steagall to separate commercial and investment banking has long passed, but it is still not too late.

June 5, 2016
In-depth topic: Monetary reset
Finance & Economy

Peak Debt Part 3: Corporate debt

Part 3 of the peak debt series examines the state of corporate debt, how it is used and where it is heading.

June 1, 2016
In-depth topic: Peak debt
Finance & Economy

Portugal runs for four days straight on renewable energy alone

Zero emission milestone reached as country is powered by just wind, solar and hydro-generated electricity for 107 hours

May 25, 2016
In-depth topic: Renewable energy

Mutiny Among The “Magic People” – India Central Banker Admits “The Ammo Is Almost Gone”

A rare moment of clarity from a lesser god: head of India’s central bank admits central banks and governments of rich countries are running out of ammunition for stimulating their economies… but they can never admit as much.

May 16, 2016
In-depth topic: Monetary reset
Finance & Economy

Big Oil Pulls The Plug On Arctic Oil, Relinquishes Drilling Rights

Oil majors putting a hiatus on their arctic drilling programs, for now. Shell pulled out earlier after pouring 8 billion with no result.

May 11, 2016
In-depth topic: Peak oil

The TTIP and TPP trade deals: enough of the secrecy

At the risk of over-generalization, ‘gut feel’ tools are generally effective first rules, and the smell test is one of them. Case in point – the great lengths the governments go to hide the TTIP/TPP details from the public. The stinky smell is indicati …

Bank of North Dakota Soars Despite Oil Bust: A Blueprint for California?

Lawyer and public bank advocate Ellen Brown describes how the US one and only state-run public Bank of North Dakota remains profitable despite the epic oil price collapse, and how a state as big as California can starts its own public bank without cost …

May 2, 2016
In-depth topic: Monetary reset
Finance & Economy

Why TPP Is a Bad Deal for America and American Workers

Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz: The most significant parts of the TPP pertain to investment, not trade. Tariffs among TPP countries are on average just 2.7%. It is possible to write a trade agreement that is fair to workers and provides broadly shared …

This Chart Shows the Collapse of “King Coal” by State, and Why Miners Are Going Bankrupt

Thanks to the collapse in the price of natural gas and the innovative combined-cycle gas turbines which operate like jet engines boosting efficiencies to 62% and beyond (33% for coal), gas fired power generation is expected to exceed coal fired generat …

May 1, 2016