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This Chart Shows the Collapse of “King Coal” by State, and Why Miners Are Going Bankrupt

Thanks to the collapse in the price of natural gas and the innovative combined-cycle gas turbines which operate like jet engines boosting efficiencies to 62% and beyond (33% for coal), gas fired power generation is expected to exceed coal fired generat …

May 1, 2016

6 Ways Municipalities Can Provide Affordable Space to Make Local Businesses Thrive

A recent report highlights the threat of escalating rents to small local businesses vital to a resilient community and ways a municipal government can help mitigate it.

April 30, 2016
In-depth topic: Local resiliency
Urban development

TTIP: UK Government found trade deal had ‘lots of risk and no benefit’ in its only assessment

The UK government’s own study, obtained through Freedom of Information, concluded that TTIP has lots of risks and no benefits – “Ultimately, we conclude that an EU-US investment treaty that does contain ISDS is likely to have few or no benefits to the …

Colombia Pays the Steep Cost of So-Called “Free” Trade

When it comes to global ISDS lawsuits, Latin America is ground zero, being on the receiving end of 25% of all ISDS cases in 2012. One of the worst hit is Columbia. Its latest case involves Tobie Mining and Energy suing for $16.5 billion. That’s 20% of …

High Court the final authority? Think again

Why take no for an answer when you have ISDS? – US mining company Nucoil is using the ISDS regime to threaten the Australian government after the country’s High Court ruled against its $900 million compensation claim over the cancellation of its Doyle’ …

Austria Just Announced A 54% Haircut Of Senior Creditors In First “Bail In” Under New European Rules

First bank bail-in in action under the new Bank Recovery and Resolution Act took effect in Europe in 2016. Austria just announced its decision to bail-in senior creditors of failed Heta Bank. Highlights: 100% bail-in of all subordinate liabilities, 54% …

April 10, 2016
In-depth topic: Bank bail-in
Finance & Economy

The Real Intent of ISDS Lawsuits – Compensations Are Just Icing on the Cake

As much as the outrageous rulings handed out by conflicted, private and secret ISDS tribunals have been drawing the ire from the public, the real benefit for multinationals to sue lies somewhere else.

Peter Lilley: Yes, I believe in free trade. But here’s why we must protect our NHS from TTIP

Peter Lilley, a free trade believer and current sitting UK Conservative MP and former Secretary of State for Trade & Industry, outlines his reasons against the TTIP: “The more closely I look at it, the more parts of it worry me. Conservatives who b …

Canada Introduces Bank Bail-in Regime to Bail Out Failing Banks

Following the EU’s footsteps, the government of Canada introduces bail-in legislation to bail in depositors’ money in order to bail out future failing banks.

April 3, 2016
In-depth topic: Bank bail-in
Finance & Economy

Who Benefits? A Deep Dive into the Incestuous World of ISDS Arbitrations

An in-depth look at the genetic wiring of the ecosystem governing ISDS arbitrations. Mind your jaw hitting the keyboard.