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Portugal runs for four days straight on renewable energy alone

Zero emission milestone reached as country is powered by just wind, solar and hydro-generated electricity for 107 hours

May 25, 2016
In-depth topic: Renewable energy

Big Oil Pulls The Plug On Arctic Oil, Relinquishes Drilling Rights

Oil majors putting a hiatus on their arctic drilling programs, for now. Shell pulled out earlier after pouring 8 billion with no result.

May 11, 2016
In-depth topic: Peak oil

This Chart Shows the Collapse of “King Coal” by State, and Why Miners Are Going Bankrupt

Thanks to the collapse in the price of natural gas and the innovative combined-cycle gas turbines which operate like jet engines boosting efficiencies to 62% and beyond (33% for coal), gas fired power generation is expected to exceed coal fired generat …

May 1, 2016

The Oil Short Squeeze Explained: Why Banks Are Aggressively Propping Up Energy Stocks

Distressed shale oil and gas companies are taking advantage of the recent oil price short squeeze to raise capital with the help of the investment banks. The catch? The money raised is to pay back the bank loans owned by the same banks before another w …

March 19, 2016
In-depth topic: Tight oil Shale gas

CCC-Rated Junk-Bond Yields hit 20%, Blow Past Lehman Moment, Consensual Hallucination Wanes

Junk bond yields hit 20%,  as high as 2008 just after Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, plunging the world into a global financial crisis.

February 4, 2016
In-depth topic: Tight oil Shale gas

Tight Oil’s First Domino Reloaded: Bank Exposures

As tight oil and gas companies kick the bucket, the contagion begins to spread to the banks with significant loan exposures to the energy sector.

January 24, 2016
In-depth topic: Tight oil Shale gas

Energy Creditors Lucky To Recover 15 Cents On The Dollar In Bankruptcy

42 tight oil and gas bankruptcies in 2015 with $17.2 billion debts. Recoveries average 15 cents on the dollar for secured and unsecured creditors.

January 24, 2016
In-depth topic: Tight oil Shale gas

World’s Largest Miner Books Massive $7.2 Billion Writedown On US Shale “Assets”

Mining giant BHP Billiton has just written off $13 billion of its $20 billion US shale oil and gas asset purchases since 2011.

January 18, 2016
In-depth topic: Tight oil Shale gas

The Solar Singularity Is Getting Closer

The “solar singularity” is the point where solar becomes so cheap in a majority of countries around the world that it is established as the default new power source. At this point, solar will very likely go vertical in its growth curve.

January 6, 2016
In-depth topic: Renewable energy

The Crude Oil Export Ban–What, Me Worry About Peak Oil?

Last week Congress ended the US oil export ban, ostensibly due to the over-abundant supply from tight oil. But the irony, as Art Berman explains, is that the US is far more economically vulnerable and dependent on foreign oil today than it was when cru …

December 28, 2015
In-depth topic: Peak oil