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World Oil Supply & Demand from a Different Perspective

The recently released EIA global crude oil data gives a different perspective on the consumption side of the equation and serves as a good proxy for the relative state of the world economic regions.

November 28, 2015
In-depth topic: Peak oil

The Trouble with Big Oil in One Chart

The trouble faced by not only shale oil companies but also Big Oil can be summarized in one chart from a recent BP presentation.

October 20, 2015
In-depth topic: Peak oil

5 Triggers to Come-To-Jesus Moment for Tight Oil

As much as one thinks times are tough now for the tight oil sector, these 5 triggers arriving within the short term horizon have the ability to upset the entire apple cart and then some.

September 5, 2015
In-depth topic: Tight oil Shale gas

U.S. Shale Gas Production Outlook Update

After raining on the EIA’s Monterey shale oil parade resulting in the department’s subsequent jaw dropping 96% sobering haircut of the formation’s oil reserve, David Hughes, in Drilling Deeper and its latest updates, further challenges the EIA’s tight oil and shale gas production predictions.

May 11, 2015
In-depth topic: Tight oil Shale gas

Insane Policy Driving Stupid Money to Fuel Tight Oil Boom

The repressive interest rate policy of the Fed drove stupid money into the tight oil industry, the commercial viability of which is at best questionable at the price of oil much higher than the current level.

April 29, 2015
In-depth topic: Tight oil Shale gas

Solar Eclipse Stress Test to European Power Grids

A recent 2.5-hour solar eclipse over Europe had the equivalent effect of shutting down a medium size power plant every minute for a full hour and turning them back on at the same rate, resulting in a major stress test to the continent’s power grids.

April 19, 2015
In-depth topic: Renewable energy

Years, Not Decades For Shale Oil & Gas

Geological consultant and expert in petroleum exploration and production explains in this video why the US has years, not decades of shale oil and natural gas, why the current price slump and where the industry is heading.

March 17, 2015
In-depth topic: Tight oil Shale gas

Solar Energy Poised To Hit Mass Adoption Phase

With the twin benefits of cost reduction and technology improvements, solar energy has achieved grid parity in many global markets. The next few years will witness worldwide mass adoption of this renewable energy.

March 14, 2015
In-depth topic: Renewable energy

Conventional Oil Production Snapshot

A latest snapshot of oil production of the OPEC-12 nations, majority producers of the world’s cheap conventional oil.

February 1, 2015
In-depth topic: Peak oil

Germany’s Energy Transition – A Progress Report

A progress report on Germany’s efforts to transition from fossil and nuclear fuels shows impressive gains in solar and wind energy. At the same time, the road to a completely fossil fuels free power grid remains daunting.

December 30, 2014
In-depth topic: Renewable energy