Share Buybacks 2016 Q2 Udpate

Here’s the latest Q2 report by FactSet on the buybacks by the S&P companies. Some highlights and visuals:


  • S&P buybacks amounted to $125.1 billion in Q2, a 6.8% decrease YoY.
  • The Q2 amount marked the smallest quarterback total since Q3 2013.
  • Buyback participation fell sharply, from 380 in Q2 2015 to 350 in Q2 2016.

buybacks-to-net-incomeBuybacks as a percent of TTM net income


shareholder-distributionsTotal buybacks + Dividends greater than Total earnings

companies-with-buybacks-exceeding-net-incomeNumber of companies which spent more on buybacks than their net incomes

Full article:

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